Yes we recommend a breathable membrane for the external wall, a damp proof membrane for the floor, which we will supply as part of the kit and a vapour membrane for the internal walls, which we do not supply.
You can create a hole in the SIPs wall to run electric wires through, covering them in plumbers’ pipe to protect the insulation, then after the vapour membrane and battens are attached to the internal wall, run the wires along before applying the plasterboard.
No, we supply a sub-frame to sit on top of the flat head screws, and our SIPs floor then sits inside the frame.
No, we supply battens that are attached to the underside of the SIPs floor to raise the studio of the concrete slab and allow for airflow.
They are shower resistant, however they will need to be covered over with a waterproof sheeting if not being used straight away.
Yes, as part of the construction we will apply the breathable membrane and battens if we are supplying it.
We recommend either a level concrete slab, the same footprint as the studio, 50mm below and 50mm above ground, or flat headed ground screws.
No, we do not fit the EPDM. You need to have your cladding fitted and the EPDM tucked over it for the finishing trims to be attached.
No, we do not supply doors, windows, cladding or any internal finishes.
The maximum footprint is 30m2, anything over that will require planning permission and structural calculations.