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Simply SIPS offer a unique opportunity if you are considering making you own Garden Studio, Garden Office, Garden Room etc. We are a small, Lincolnshire based business, that will manufacturer your SIPS Panels to your exacting standards, allowing you to be able to assemble your project quickly and easily. SimplySips was “born” when I was working from home and realised that my third bedroom just was not big enough. I then did a google search to find out what the alternative were. I was HORRIFIED at the cost of what some Garden Studios cost! I was not in a position to spend in excess of £15,000 on a (albeit great looking) studio! At that point in my life, I was working for an Eco-House builder (I still have a great relationship with them) and knew the cost per square metre was far greater, it was cheaper to build a house!

What are SIPs

Using a product called SIPs (Structurally Insulated Panels), we can produce a fully insulated “box,” allowing you to enjoy a warm sanctuary 365 day a year. The panels can be used for the floor, walls and the roof. Its all in the description, Summer Houses that are offered by shed companies, are just that, houses that can be used in summer, they are not insulated at all.

SIPs panels are easy to manoeuvre, two people can easily lift them into position, this coupled with the speed of build, a Garden Studio can easily be erected in a day.

SIPs panels are a very basic concept, they consist of two pieces of OSB3 board, with a rigid insulation in between, like a sandwich (they are sometimes called sandwich panels). In the manufacturing process, the sandwich is glued using a specialist adhesive, then put under immense pressure in a press. Once cured, the panels act like an RSJ beam which is very strong.

Why choose SimplySIPs Panels


High Levels of Air Tightness


Low Levels of Waste


Fully Custom Made


Less Energy used, no CFCs


Fewer noise penetrations


Reduced construction costs

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View our Gallery

Testimonial 2

So happy with our garden studio, being used as an office and the children love playing in it. We found you so helpful throughout the whole process, from the first email to the final part of the construction. Highly recommended.”

Testimonial 1

Love our new SIPs garden room. Looks impressive and so cost effective, we definitely made the right decision using you guys. It went together so easily, especially as I am not particularly technical minded. We will be recommending your services.”

Testimonial 3

Wow! Fab SIPs studio, brilliant customer service, always answered any questions we had at every stage. It is worth every penny, the whole family are making use of the extra room. Thanks so much for an excellent service. May have another project next year so we will be in touch.”