The maximum span for the 97mm thickness panels is 3.66m. The maximum span for the 122mm thickness panels is 4.88m. The 610mm roof/floor panels can be joined end-on-end for spans over 2.44m and up to 4.88m.
The 2.44m x 1.22m SIPs weigh approx. 46kg & the 3.0m x 1.2m SIPs weigh approx. 70kg
Please email us a delivery postcode, and we would be more than happy to confirm the cost of delivery.
The number of days of construction, would depend on the size of your studio and your location. For us to confirm an on-site construction is possible, we would send over an install requirement form to complete and return. We will also require a short video showing parking access through to the build site.
The panels are all rebated 50mm (apart from the roof/floor SIP panels, which are rebated 100mm). If you are cutting the panels on site to produce your studio, you will have to rebate them again. The panels can easily be rebated with a simple hand saw or a hot wire rebating tool.
We do not produce internal walls; it is more cost effective to fit simple stud walls, as they do not need to be insulated.
The approx. U values for the 97mm SIPs are 0.30 w/m²k and for 122mm SIPs are 0.22 w/m²k. If you plan to use your studio all year round, you will get better thermal value from the 122mm SIPs.
We do not advise having roof lights, as it can compromise the structural stability of the roof.
Unfortunately, our panels have not been structurally tested; therefore, they do not meet building regulation requirements, as we do not have the data to show. For this reason, we tend to stick with the stand-alone garden studios under permitted development.
Yes, you will need to protect the external walls with a Breathable membrane and the internal walls will require a Vapour membrane to be fitted
You can create a hole in the SIPs wall to run electric wires through, covering them in plumbers’ pipe to protect the insulation, then after the vapour membrane and battens are attached to the internal wall, run the wires along before applying the plasterboard.
No, we supply a sub-frame to sit on top of the flat head screws, and our SIPs floor then sits inside the frame.
No, we supply battens that are attached to the underside of the SIPs floor to raise the studio of the concrete slab and allow for airflow.
They are shower resistant, however they will need to be covered over with a waterproof sheeting if not being used straight away.
Yes, as part of the construction we will apply the breathable membrane and battens if we are supplying it.
We recommend either a level concrete slab, ground screws, screw piles or swift plinths.For more information visit - Garden Room Foundations  
No, we do not fit the EPDM. You need to have your cladding fitted and the EPDM tucked over it for the finishing trims to be attached.
No, we do not supply doors, windows, cladding or any internal finishes.
The maximum footprint is 30m2, anything over that will require planning permission and structural calculations.
Garden buildings do not require planning permission as long as the building is 2.5m maximum and within 2 meters of the boundary, or 3m maximum if over 2 meters away from the boundary. We always recommend checking with your local council as some areas may have special rules.

If you cannot see the answer to your question here, please give us a call on 01778 424443.