The Benefits Of Using SIP Panels For Your Garden Room

The Benefits Of Using SIP Panels For Your Garden Room

SIP Panels, also known as Structurally Insulated Panels, are a very basic concept. They consist of two pieces of OSB3 board, with a rigid insulation in between, like a sandwich (they are sometimes called sandwich panels). In the manufacturing process, the sandwich is glued using a specialist adhesive, then put under immerse pressure in a press. Once cured, the panels act like an RSJ beam, which is extremely strong.

Some of the advantages of using SIPs for your garden building are:

Quick Build Time

SIPs panels are easy to manoeuvre, two people can easily lift them into position, this coupled with the speed of a build, a garden studio can be constructed in a matter of days, as opposed to weeks compared to traditional timber builds. Our bespoke SIP kits come with all the SIP panels, jointing splines and associated timbers, cut and ready to construct, as well as assembly instructions on delivery.

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Flexible Design

All our SIPs kits are bespoke, and custom made to order, meaning we can produce a studio to your specific design and needs. It can then be finished with whichever cladding, doors, windows and internal finishes you desire (we do not supply these).

Energy Saving

Our SIP Panels consist of two pieces of OSB3 board with a rigid insulation in between. SIPs buildings are airtight and leak less heat, thus reducing energy bills and making SIPs a much more efficient way of building.

Fewer Noise Penetration

The insulation in the SIPs panels will not only create an insulated room, but also reduces the amount of noise penetration, meaning they are perfect for outdoor music or cinema rooms.

Exceptional Insulation

Using SIP panels, we can produce a fully insulated ‘box’, allowing you to enjoy a warm sanctuary 365 days a year. SIP buildings regulate temperature much more efficiently than traditional building materials, making your garden room cooler in the summer and warmer in the winter.

Sustainable Building Method

SIPs panels are much cheaper to produce and construct than traditional timber builds. They are also very energy efficient, meaning they carry more sustainability credentials than other building materials.

Reduced Construction Costs

SIPs buildings are much cheaper to produce and construct than traditional timber buildings, for example, the materials and labour time.

Overall, our SIPs panels allow customers to create an extra space in their home, which they can enjoy every single day of the year.

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