What Are SIP Panels?

What Are SIP Panels?

SIP Panels, also known as Structurally Insulated Panels, are a very basic concept and are a form ‘sandwich panel’ commonly used in the construction industry.

Here at SimplySIPs we manufacture all our own SIP panels, in a small but efficient factory in South Lincolnshire.

During the manufacturing process, two sheets of OSB3 (Oriented Strand Board) are glued using a specialist adhesive to high-performance EPS insulation. The panels are then put under immense pressure in a press, and once cured, they act like an RSJ beam, which is extremely strong.

sips panels

We offer 3 different SIP panel thicknesses:

97mm SIPs – consist of 2 sheets of 11mm OSB3 and 75mm of High-Performance EPS insulation.

122mm SIPs – consist of 2 sheets of 11mm OSB3 and 100mm of High-Performance EPS insulation.

147mm SIPs – consist of 2 sheets of 11mm OSB3 and 125mm of High-Performance EPS insulation.

There are many benefits of using SIP panels to construct your garden room, such as: Quick build time as they are easy to manoeuvre, flexible design options, energy saving, and reduced construction costs given a studio can easily be erected in just one day. SIP panel construction is also one of the most economical and eco friendly construction methods.

Check out our gallery to see what our customers have built using our SIP Panels!

Please note, our SIP Panels are not compliant with building regulations, so we tend to stick with outside structures under permitted development, for example: Garden Studios, Garden Rooms, Garden Offices, etc.

Please contact us if you would like to enquire about our SIPs Panels.

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